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Personal details

Any personal details we do hold are held on our computer system, and are backed up to our own on-site hard drive and manual files. No customer details held by Phil Lewin Photography will ever be passed on to any third party without the customer's knowledge and consent

Social Media Sharing.

By default, the social media sharing options will be turned on, unless you request us to disable them on your gallery. The small square social media icons at the bottom of every page are links to our pages on their respective sites, and do not share your pictures to them.

Picture information in our online galleries.

All images will be uploaded to our online gallery hosted by SmugMug Inc, who also process payments for picture orders on our behalf. No information, save for the customer's name, is forwarded to us. Orders placed through our SmugMug gallery are  processed and despatched by Loxley Colour, of Cumbernauld, Scotland.


Collections will be identified by use of the couple's first names, the date of the wedding, and the locations of the ceremony and reception. Password protection is available.

Gigs and Parties:

Collections will be identified by the name and date of the event. Password protection is available.

Christening / Naming Ceremonies:

This is a service we would like to offer. We propose that an online gallery will be available if requested. Password protection will be automatically applied. Please let us know of any special circumstances e.g. if children were adopted. We have relatives with adopted children, and we have to take their privacy very seriously.

Removal of collections from online galleries:

Collections will generally be held online for a minimum of twelve months. However, if for any reason a party wishes an individual image or a collection to be removed, they should make their request either in writing or by email, and include:

+ The name of the collection

+ The number(s) of the image(s)

+ Reasons for requesting removal.

Removal of any image(s) will be at our sole discretion, and all removal requests will be considered on their merits.

Payments made direct to us:

All our online payments made directly on this site, for booking fees or other items not ordered via a gallery page, are processed by Paypal, and the only information submitted by them is your address and email, to enable us to deal with your transaction and correspond with you. Paypal does not forward any financial information to us.

Payments made on photo orders via our online galleries:

These are handled directly by SmugMug. Print orders are processed by Loxley Colour of Cumbernauld in Scotland, who are also responsible for processing and despatch of these orders. SmugMug offers payment by most credit / debit cards and Paypal, and is responsible for these. No financial information is forwarded to us.

Copyright, and use of images by us.

All images remain © Phil Lewin Photography, unless otherwise expressly agreed. Photographers have always traditionally used recent work to show to prospective customers. If you would prefer us not to use images from your event in this way, please let us know as soon as possible. We will not, in any event, use any image from your event in any printed marketing material we produce without your express consent.

Website display:

Our wedding and gig / party packages include upload to our online galleries, and these collections can be password protected. Please request this before your event, so that the password can be publicised to your guests.

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