Phil Lewin Photography

  • Fri, 04 Dec 2020 23:01:00 +0000

    Let's get shooting again

     Hi there,

    I'm Phil Lewin, and I'm a semi-professional photographer based in Bristol. The pandemic, with its two periods of lockdown in England has taken it's toll on me as it has many others. 

    I normally shoot weddings and special events, but I haven't shot a wedding this year. My photo booth was well used in February and March, but it's stayed in the garage ever since.

    I really want to get out shooting pictures again, so I'm looking to get out locally and capture pictures of local houses with their Christmas lights. I've loved night-time photography for many years since attending an evening class in 1984, when we photographed subjects like the Clifton Suspension Bridge, then still lit with thousands of conventional incandescent bulbs.

    Nowadays not so many buildings in Bristol are lit up at night, so there aren't as many choices currently. But at Christmas, there are lights galore. Shopping areas, public buildings, hotels, monuments, and more private houses than any one photographer could possibly count, all waiting to be captured.

    So I'm planning to capture the Christmas lights of Lawrence Weston, where I live, and make a competition of it if I can. 

    How have you kept up with the things you love doing? 

    Phil Lewin